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How to publish a legale notice in France ?

legale notice

Do you need to move your startup or company from other country to France ?

The registered office of startup is legal adress wich acte nationality and tax residence. Transferring of tax residence provides status change.
At what point in the process move the registered office ?

If the company decides to move in the same country,  there will be no change of tax system.
However, if a company decides to change of country in which it operate, it’s could be benefit from advantageous tax treatment.

What are formalities needed ?

Wich of localisation changing, the decision must be taken by a general meeting. This general meeting must be conveened by the President.
Decisions are written in the report of general meeting.

Procedures of transfert under juridiction of two differents country :

    1.    Give a new french adress to the startup
    2.    Publish a transfert notice into the official french journal
    3.    Publish the same advice into a newspaper may publish legal notice.
    4.    Send your registration documents to the business start-up centre (CFE) which then sends them on to INSEE.

Publish a legal notice

What are the documents to provide ?

Registration document need sent to the business startup centre must be composed of :
    •    1 authenticated copy of the report of geneal meeting
    •    1 authenticated copy of statutes which been  amended result by transfert.
    •    1 certifiate publication of legal journal
    •    1 document which justifie new french adress (commercial lease)
    •    1 formulary M2 completed and signed.  To get this document : formulary m2
    •    1 copy of certified list of others head office signed by president. Cost of Change
    •    Costs depend of various factors like choice of lawer.
    •    Layers cost and fees : 500 at 1 000 €
    •    Legal notice: between 200 and 300 €
    •    Registrar’s costs : 200,14 €

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